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Power To B
Strong Badass Brave Fearless Fierce Limitless

Chrissy and the Chrissy B Company hold a passion for connecting people to their NEW “Power to B” collection of bracelets! These pieces act as a POWERFUL visual REMINDER to the wearer.

Through her own experiences of challenge and growth Chrissy has learned that we all have the powers inside to live an amazing life and rise through challenge- wearing this bracelet as a daily reminder of how strong, fearless, fierce, limitless, brave and badass is a key part of getting where we all want to B each day. Chrissy has personally done this practice for many years and lives the power of it.

The mission of this company is to uplift others and to share knowledge, experiences, and real stories, so others can bring intention, joy and success to their lives. Follow her on Facebook and Instagram to learn more about what she is up to everyday.

The Power to B Collection

“Your B strong bracelet is doing my friend wonders!!!” -Nancy R.


“Definitely feeling badass this week! Love my new bracelet!” -Erika S.


“Thank you for creating this incredible jewelry line so I can honor my daughter’s spirit & all women can have the ability to express their own superpower.”  – Kristilee L.